Mi Arbol

IMG_1515…I headed to the back in hopes to see the familiar.  I was looking for the tree that always brought back so many wonderful memories. There it was (Mi Arbol) …dead.  It had fallen all by it’s self.  What once was full of life with stories and secrets of family past… was gone. It’s almost like it had given up and died of sadness.  No more kids to climb it, no more people to use it as shade, no more laughs, and no more tears.  It was left to itself and the memories of all who used it.  I was saddened to see it there laying on the land with vines growing all over it.  I had been looking forward to sitting under that tree like the generations before me and write until I could no longer think.  Now I have to find a new place to write.  I’ll tackle that problem tomorrow.

(Taken from part 5 of my trip to Purepero.  Video below)

  1. Maria said:

    Sad :-(…..

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