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No one is given a manual on how to raise a child.  And even when one has gone on to higher education and picked up a few pointers on child development and child rearing from psychology class, it’s not enough to prepare you for what lies ahead. The moment you are finally able to stare into the eyes of your first born child, you know that things are not going to be the same and a task has been given to you… a gift.  For some, that might not have been the initial sentiment but regardless, that child–that life, is still a gift.


DSC_6883My first born, Jezreel graduates from high school today.  So many feelings and flashes of moment come in and out. And as those feelings go from happiness to sadness and then to feeling orgullosa, I can’t help to think how blessed I have been to have been granted the ability to work from home and be able to be part of every stage of both of my children’s lives.


I am so grateful to God for giving me the privilege to raise 2 beautiful children.  Yes they have their moments and quirks but it has been such an honor to watch them grow.  I can’t say I was the perfect mother, or that we are the perfect family, but God is perfect and chose me to be their mother.  


Whatever phase you are in as a parent and at whatever age you became a parent, that was the perfect timing for you.  And if it came too early, you have an amazing opportunity to use your experience to help your children through their journey.


I do have one point I would like to share as a mom which I came to understand and still trying to really adapt to my life with my son, it is to feed your kids’ passion, guide them with the experience you have gained along the way while they explore and pursue their passion into life.  Don’t guide them to feed the “parental ego” or because we want to compete with the Jones’. Guide them to be the best version of themselves.


DSC_5961Parenting is not an easy task and as you have heard, it takes a village…and it doesn’t end at High School graduation.  That is actually the beginning of a whole new set of life challenges. Thank you to all who have help me, Jezreel and the rest of my little family along the way.


Congrats Jezreel!

I love you.


Keep seeking God.

Keep coming to us and

Keep on shining.


You have one life.  

Enjoy it and live with integrity.


Adelante mija.