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My father didn’t have the opportunity to have an extensive education.  According to the stories that he has told me, he always excelled in school and loved to learn.  Like most Mexicanos, he had to stop going to school at a very young age.  Money was scarce and he had to work to help out at home.

Ever since I can remember, my dad was always reading.  He would read anything he could get his hands on.  His reading wasn’t for leisure.  It was for educational purposes and it was enjoyable.  He thought everyone should find the same pleasure in reading and learning.  Unfortunate for him, my brother and I would rather play with the neighborhood kids than read and learn more than what was the school’s expectation.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved learning new things and reading.  But I enjoyed reading Judy Blume– not reading about the Cold War at the age of 10! WTH!?   Homework–I was cool with doing the minimal.   But on top of our school homework, my dad would give my brother and I extra work.  When we finished our homework we had to move on to more learning activities that he would leave for us to do while he was at work (night shift).  Ay Dio Mio!  I just wanted to watch T.V. or play dress up with my aunt and rock out to some old school Spanish Jams like “Rock Del Angelito” by Los Rebeldes del Rock or “Billie Jean”  by Michael Jackson.

My dad would buy a Spanish news paper (La Opinion) and make me read it for 30 minutes a day and it’s probably one of the reasons why I can speak Spanish (Can’t say the same for writing in Spanish but I get by.)  By the age of 6/7 I had all the times tables memorized and when I got to 3rd grade I was on top of the game.  When I was about 9/10 I had all of the Central American and South American countries and capitols memorized (Please don’t ask me to recite them.  I don’t remember them.).  At around the age of 10/11  he told me to learn about radius, diameter and circumference.  I had to practice it until I mastered it.  Unfortunately, when it was time to use those math formulas, I had forgotten them.  I think I placed them in my short term memory.  He even made me remember, “Los tres agravantes de la ley:  premeditacion, alevocia, y ventaja (The three aggravating factors of the law: premeditation, treachery, and advantage.).  At the time I didn’t even know what the heck I was saying.  But if he asked me, “Que son los tres agravantes de la ley?”,  I would answer as if it were part of my daily life.

One of the things that I think I will never forget is that 3.14=pi.  Matter of fact, he took it a step further and made me recognize it as tres punto catorce dieciséis.  I memorized it in Spanish so every time I would hear the word pi, I would automatically recall it in Spanish and would have to translate it in my head before answering my teachers or anywhere it came up (Still do.).  It wasn’t until I had to use it at school that I learned that I could stop at 3.14 and not have to continue to work out the problem with 3.1416 .

So we celebrate pi, 3.14 (March 14) in honor of my childhood trauma (LOL) and in honor of a father who pushed his kids to excel beyond their years.IMG_4760


My kids don’t really care for any type of pie so I had to make a pumpkin dump cake recipe into a pie because the only pie they like is pumpkin pie. LOL

1 can (29 0z) of pumpkin filling

1 can evaporated milk

4 eggs

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp nutmeg

1 tsp cloves

1 cup of sugar

1 stick of butter

1 box of yellow cake mix

1/2 cup of walnuts or pecans

Mix pumpkin filling and milk.  Add 2 eggs at a time and mix.  Add cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves and sugar. Mix well.  Pour mix into a cake pan.  Evenly spread cake mix over the pumpkin mix.  Chop up 1/2 cup of pecans or walnuts and spread evenly over cake mix.  Melt butter and spread evenly over mix.  Bake at 350 degrees for 55 minutes.  Let cool.


Last year around this time I kept coming across Instagram posts about the #weallgrow Summit.  It intrigued me and I began to follow the weekend unfold wishing I was there “liking” every picture. I saw bonds, sisterhood, motivation and so much more–and they were all Latinas!   I told myself that I needed to be there at the next summit.  When I saw the “early bird” registration, I wanted to sign up but I was very apprehensive about it because I had no one in my immediate circle who might want to attend- nothing wrong with that and it’s understandable.  It’s not everyone’s thing.  My insecurities began to speak to me, “You shouldn’t go because you are going to look like a moron walking around all alone at this huge event full of amazing women who are conquering the world.”.  But something in me made me register any way.  I bought a single ticket.  Felt so weird…I was going ALONE-gulp!  I was scared but so excited at the same time.  The year couldn’t come fast enough.

I can’t believe the summit has come and gone already.  I had such an amazing time.  I learned so much and was empowered to do great things!  The energy was incredible!!  Imagine a room full of Latinas who want to make a difference.  We were all feeding each other ideas.   Motivating, stirring one another and bringing out our best-and it had been in us all along.  No idea was too far fetched or weird.  Every idea I have had and finally got to share with my new friends was made to feel within my reach and all I had to do was-DO IT!

Those ideas are now on paper and I will eventually make them happen.  And if they don’t happen, then I’ll move on to the next idea.  I have nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  So get ready because you will be hearing this Mexican American’s name more often.

I want to thank all the amazing ladies whom I met this past weekend.  You have given me the courage and drive to keep dreaming BIG and to act on my dreams.  I am grateful for that!  So now I want to encourage you all (my readers) to also dream big.  Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.  Do what you love and be true to yourself.  Take up the call.  But don’t forget who you are and know where you are going.

To help you dream big, I’m giving away a goodie bag filled with Elena of Avalor cuteness.  All you have to do is post a picture of yourself on Instagram with the hashtags #DreamBigPrincess and #dreamingwithabuelaskitchen and tell me what your BIG DREAM is and what you are going to do about it!  OR you can tell me below.

*****CLOSES MARCH 14, 2017 @ 9PM PST.

Good luck and keep dreaming!

Con Cariño,



Elena of Avalor goodie bag includes:

*Elena Doll

*Elena of Avalor Original Soundtrack

*Elena Movie

*Elena Wall of Dreams

*Disney Princess Comic

*Merida Little Golden Book

*Aurora Disney Princess Little Kingdom

*#DreamBigPrincess bracelet


Didn’t take too many pictures because I was living the moment.  Here are a few: