Chile De Molcajete Recipe

salsaMy favorite salsa to make is in the molcajete my mother-in-law gave me.  This last time I went to Michoacan, I witnessed how  chile for the Carne Con Chile was made.  They actually mixed tomatillo and regular tomato.  So when I made my first batch of salsa after my trip, I decided to make my own version of chile de molcajete based on different things I have seen Abuela and my mom do.  So here is my version as many of you have requested.




Ingredients for one molcajete
3 Tomatillos
1 Red Tomato
1-2 Serrano Chiles
1/2 Garlic Clove
Pinch of Sea Salt
Lemon or Lime

1.  Roast tomatillo, red tomato and chile on a comal or pan until tender (low to medium heat to get a good roast).
2.  While everything roasts, sprinkle Sea Salt (as desired) on your molcajete.
3.  Add 1/2-1 garlic clove.
4.  Mash garlic and salt together until it turns into a paste (Add a sprinkle of water if needed.)
5.  Add serrano chile to the molcajete and mash as much as you can.
6.  Add one tomatillo and tomato at a time, mashing each one.
7.  Add chopped cilantro and slices of onion to the mix.
(For added flavor, mash some of the onion in the molcajete.)
8.  Mix and taste.
9.  Add salt or lemon if it needs more.


  1. Thank You
    Will Treasure this, and remember your Story as I make this.
    Muchas Gracias **†**

  2. carmelita barrett said:

    i just luv ur abulita ive wacthed u both on utube for hours used up all my data so now on googel thank god for that but i like seeing u guy on utube keek doing what ur doing i luv the food bless u all

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