Hey guys. The picture below shows an area that I shared with you all in my Part 6 of my Purepero, Michoacan trip.  It is very special to me on many levels.  If you know the reason why it’s so special to me, leave me a comment here.

Hola chicos. La siguiente imagen muestra un área que he compartido con todos ustedes en mi parte 6 de mi viaje Purépero, Michoacán. Es muy especial para mí en muchos niveles. Si conoce la razón por qué es tan especial a mí me deja un comentario aquí.



If you guess the right answer, you will be entered to win the items in the picture shown (My last Abuela’s Kitchen Loteria shirt.).  Thank you for participating and good luck!!!  Contest closes Friday May 27th, 2016 at 11pm (PST).

Si adivina la respuesta correcta, se le inscribirá para ganar los elementos de la imagen que se muestra. Gracias por participar y buena suerte !!! Concurso cierra viernes 27 de mayo de, 2016 a 23:00 (PST).






  1. alwaysadri said:

    It’s the introduction to your video to pureperu part 6! It’s the door from your bisabuela’s house that lead outside to the plaza. It provides faint memories with your abuela and your tio arnoldo that passed away.

  2. Linda Saucedo said:

    You mentioned it was were family used to gather, leaving wonderful memories. The tree you used to climb on, the store next door and door you used to use to head out to the plaza. This beautiful town to me has many memories also:) Thank you.

  3. Nora Silva said:

    You and your mom would use water from the tub to wipe the dust from hands and then dry them on your pants before going to the plaza. 😀

  4. Darlene said:

    The door at your bisabuela’s house that led to the plaza. There was always a tina to the left of it. You would see your mom wash her hands with that water and pat down to dry on her pants and you would do the same. (:

  5. Lupe Rosas said:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful trip back to your abuelas hometown..I couldn’t help but tear up at looking at the worn down building that once was full of life..
    That beautiful blue door led out to the plaza..the bucket to the left held water that was used to clean off the dust from your pants that had collected throughout the day.
    I hope to one day make it out to Atenco, Puebla where my dad is from.

  6. Edith reyes said:

    The door at your bisabuelas house that led out to the plaza.

  7. Eva Ortega said:

    The stove brought you chills, wished you can restore it but you can’t. It was not your to do it.

  8. Adela Vallejo said:

    It’s the door from your bisabuela house that lead outside to the plaza. And it’s ware you and your mom would use water from the tub to wipe the dust from hands and then dry them on your pants before going to the plaza.

  9. Liberty said:

    Because of the kitchen 🙂

  10. Nora said:

    Was the winner ever posted? I never saw who won

  11. Almita Rojas said:

    I love watching your videos! My mother is an old school mexican cook and I can say I am blessed to learn from the best. It is awesome that you are documenting and letting everyone in on your family recipes. Bendiciones para toda tu familia!

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