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photo 2(4)I am one of those people who enjoy  a smooth, creamy flavorful cup of coffee in the morning while reading or on my computer.  I also enjoy a good cup of Joe around 9pm.  My friends think I’m crazy for drinking coffee so late.  It doesn’t really effect me.  Matter of fact, it makes me feel cozy and ready for bed.  Especially during the winter time after putting on my pjs.  But a fruity cup of tea also hits the spot, especially in those moments when I want to feel fancy or European.  It’s like an escape to another dimension.  As a kid my mom always had me put in our patio a big jug full of water and tea bags for it to soak up the sun. I grew up drinking it.

I want to share with you a cold tea that I have really been enjoying this summer and even the previous summer.  All my friends love it, hot or cold and have even given them out as gifts.  It’s nothing fancy nor expensive and can be found in most grocery stores.  I get mine at Stater Bros. here in California.  It is, Mango Passionfruit by Stash. OHMYGOSH!!!  I dream about the moment when I can have a cold glass.  I don’t usually make a pitcher of it.  I just make a cup for me.  My son loves it so much he asked me to show him how to make it and now whenever he feels like having a cup of it he dives right into it.  It actually reminds me of the Passion fruit lemonade ice-tea from Starbucks.  So here are the directions:

Get a one of those plastic cups with a straw.  Depending how big it is, pour in some water leaving enough room for ice.  Squeeze half a lime or 1/4 a lemon (doesn’t really matter), add sugar to your liking (sometimes I don’t even add sugar).  Mix well before adding the tea bag and ice that way the sugar melts away and the tea bag won’t stick to your stirring utensil.  Then just add the ice and tea bag (one is enough for a normal size cup).

It’s that simple.  If you are making hot tea just add the tea bag and lemon or lime to it and sugar if desired.  It is amazing!

Take a moment and ephoto 1(5)njoy some tea time!  Blessings!



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