Ordering Abuela’s Kitchen Homemade “Tortilla De Harina” Starter Kit

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Need a gift for the woman (or anyone for that matter) that has everything?  How about getting them an experience that will open up all their senses? The thrilling experience of making their own homemade batch of Tortillas De Harina–Just like Abuela’s!

This particular mix of “Tortilla De Harina” will make a dozen (12) tortillas.  The mix comes with complete instructions, a rolling pin and a link to a video for added details on cooking the best tortillas you can come up with.

We know that this product will give them (or you) a sense of accomplishment.
May beautiful memories be relived and new ones be made!

Con mucho Cariño,
Silvia y Abuela

Ordering info:  We are so excited that you have stopped by our page to check out our brand new product–Abuela’s Kitchen Homemade “Tortilla De Harina” Starter Kit!

To order please send us an email to with the following information:

1.  Package Selected
2. Quantity 
3. Your Name, Shipping Address, and Contact Number 

Once we receive your information, we will send you a billing invoice,
which will include shipping options (1st class USPS or Priority).

Please pay via PayPal.  You can also send a money order to the address listed below.

Abuela’s Kitchen
22421 Barton Road #308
Grand Terrace, CA 92313

photo 4






Package 1:  Single mix package $8.00 (Instructions included with video link.) Shipping not included.



photo 3






Holiday Package 2:  Single mix package $20.00 with Abuela’s Kitchen Rolling Pin While Supplies Last  (Instructions included with video link.) Shipping Included.



photo 5






Package 3:  3 mix packages for $20.00 (Instructions included with video link.) Shipping not included.




  1. Michele Conley said:

    Yes, please I would love to order Pkg 2.What a great gift to give myself haha. I love watching both you ladies. I’m so glad I found you!
    Michele Conley 😀
    All in Love and God’s Peace

    • To yourself? LOL That’s awesome!!! Thank you so much for your support!!! Follow the simple instructions below to place your order.

  2. Denise Tell said:

    I would love to order 6 for my self im learning how to cook mexican food thew your videos i do not know any Spanish but I want to thank you so much for translating I’ve looked at many videos on how to cook certain Spanish food or Mexican food but everything’s in Spanish and I do not understand Spanish so thank you so much for translating. Thanks again Denise Tell my e- mail

    • Not a problem even though it’s double work. I don’t see many people translating but I know there r a lot of people who need it. Thank u and I’ll be sending an invoice for ur order . Blessings.

  3. X.Palafox said:

    Omg I love ur videos and now I see u even sale kits awww… tell abuela I love her she’s just to cute.. I just found ur videos this morning (1-3-15) I wanted to learn how to make birria and I’m actually making some as we speak lol…
    I personally don’t have any abuelas and never got a chance to get traditional recipes or learn how to cook authentic mexican food but now that I found abuela I’m so happy and excited thank you ladies for the opportunity to feel like I’m in a kitchen with a grandma. ..


    • How did the birria come out? So glad we could help u out!!! Stop by and see us anytime u want. 😉

  4. claudia Salas said:

    How long it takes to arrive?

  5. dorothy said:

    i love looking at your grandmom make me miss mine a lot and she put in mind of mine god bless her

  6. Michelle said:

    Would ike to order a package

  7. Santino said:

    My name is Santino, im Siciliano but I was married to a Mexican for 25 yrs, I have 5 kids and 7 grandkids. Unfortuneately we divorced about 10 yrs ago. I left the marriage with many recipes embedded in my heart and my ex wife swears that I make enchiladas, Mole, and Arroz con Leche better than she makes it (I agree) the Mexican food I ate for 25 yrs was just like the food your Abuelita makes. I was so happy the first day I saw one of your videos, I cried…because my ex wife doesnt really cook that much any more and it is very important to me that my children have these recipes to carry on to their children and so on. So guess what? because of your Abuelita, I am teaching them and I cant put into words how much this means to me. When I just now watched your video on Nieve de Limon, made the exact same way I used to eat at the Sobre Redes every 3rd thursday in Tijuana, my jaw dropped to the ground. Im sorry for writing so much but I really want you and your Abuelita and your Mom to know how much this means to us and how much we appreciate you….MUCHAS GRACIAS Y TE DIOS LA VENDIGA,……………..I also wanted to know if these are all the videos u have that are listed on youtube? or are there more? I really want to know how to make cream of potatoe soup, ive tried many times but im just not doing something right anyway just a suggestion but again I cant thank you enough….Sincerely, Santino G

  8. Ann said:

    I am Anglo and would like to learn to cook Mexican food. Watching you make
    tortillas was fascinating. Can you share a recipe for them using flour that I can
    buy at a local grocery store? Even though I cannot understand what you are
    saying, I follow what you are doing and I think with a recipe I would be able to
    make delicious tortillas. Thanking you for your help.
    Happy cooking,

  9. Michelle said:

    Hi, are you selling these packages?

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